Got Called Back To Work After Resignation

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I resigned from my place of work after being owned several salaries and some maltreatments on staff. Few days after, I received a call from them asking why I left and was told to come to the office the following day.

I honoured their invitation and when I got there, nothing much was discussed except that they asked why I left them and then promised to increase salary, there was no opportunity for me to tell them what I wanted as per the reappointment, something happened and we had to conclude the discussion. They said “go back to work, your salary will be increased”. Before I could leave there we all got payment alert and I noticed 16% deduction on my salary likewise some other staff.

May I ask Nairalanders if its not necessary they give me a reappointment letter stating conditions of service and the salary to be paid?

Wouldn’t I need to also ask them why my salary was deducted?

Please your advice is needed.

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